At the forefront of technology

We’re excited to participate in the Autodesk Connect & Construct Summit in Sydney!

Join us alongside other construction industry leaders in August for a full day of inspiring keynotes (Such as the ones being given by our illustrious Leader, Matt) educational workshops, customer-led case studies, and more.

Like us, no doubt you’ll walk away with new skills, refreshed ideas, and insights that you can apply to your projects and business immediately.

Speak to your PlanGrid team or click on the link above to arrange a ticket for 7 August; we’ll see you there.


March 2019

Our PlanGrid implementation began in November 2018 and is being widely used by our Project Leaders and their construction teams via iPads and smart phones…

This innovative cloud based software solution has revolutionised the way we manage document control on site, real-time reporting to the client and managing RFO’s, Variations to contract and Punch lists of Tasks.

#paperless – We certainly are!!

Essentially, we now have a more advanced way of accessing and managing all site-based project documentation from wherever we are via a simple to use app on the iPad. From plans and specifications to programmes and punch lists, field reports and RFI’s to programme tracking and photos, PlanGrid is a valuable, single source of truth on site.

Since implementation, this mobile project data and document control system has created better synergies between team members and clients both on-site and off. With enhanced communication, we’ve seen better use of quality control measures and the ultimate in real-time data reporting, job tracking and management of as-built elements.


August 2018

Technology, innovation and an unwavering passion to be the best at what we do, has led us to where we are today.

Our director Matthew had the pleasure of guest speaking with TradiePad at the 2017 Construction Technology Summit that was hosted by Aconex and Victorian Government. The event brought together Australia’s leading contractors, owners, developers and consultants to connect with the brightest digital innovators to explore how construction will be transformed over the coming decade.

With cutting edge technology now at our finger tips, we’re able to apply old school knowledge through new age methods. These methods improve accuracy, efficiency and communication while maximising resources and minimising risk.

We’re embracing technology that empowers us to work smarter for our clients and we think you should too.


June 2018

Trimble has transformed the way the Sparky world works… I’m not sure how many hours we’ve logged getting up and down from ladders and EWPS tomeasure and re-measuring when setting out lights but I know it’s no where as few as it’s taking us these days….

The Trimble positioning technology utilising GPS mapping and laser pointers across a variety of applications that accurately determines alignment and distance. The use of spinning lasers emits a 360-degree beam of light that is used as a vertical, grade or horizontal reference point. This is a critical yet so often difficult to establish datum for the alignment of electrical installations.

Trimble also uses a unique scanning methodology to capture the shapes of physical structures to revolutionise the way we perform seemingly simple, but most untimely and costly setting-out tasks.


Technology we use:

Trimble layout solutions eliminate guess work through heightening precision to ensure design intent is executed correctly with both speed and accuracy.

PlanGrid a cloud-based project-in-your pocket solution for better document control, task management and real-time reporting.

Workbench project management software removes the reliance of manual systems and spreadsheets while increasing the accuracy of project reporting.

Bullclip opens new ways for our project teams to collaborate. This design mark-up tool simplifies document management and provides a singular platform for digital drawing.