Paperless by 2019

We set a goal: Paperless by 2019.


Remember Melway, that grossly oversized book we carried everywhere and the hundreds of pages we had to flip through daily to work out where to go?

All that Time spent calculating different routes and making traffic assumptions will not be missed…

Today we can jump into a voice activated car, preloaded with destinations and directions, live traffic updates and weather reports. If you’re lucky to be in a self-driving Tesla, maybe you’re even sitting back and enjoying the ride.

BN have taken a look at this concept and applied it to our construction and service industry; no more offices lined with filing cabinets, gone are the countless folders cluttering our desks and cars with drawings and paperwork all to ensure we can operate effectively with the information we need, available when we need it.

What if we had all the information we needed, when we needed it, and right at our fingertips?

So, just like our Melway, we’ve ditched the paperwork and opted for a more practical, sustainable solution.

In our fast paced and competitive industry, the adaptation of new software and technologies only allow us to get to where we need to be, faster and more informed.

We’re connecting better and creating more fluid synergies since digitising in this way and we’re still on the improve… we have been able to develop further and improve our internal systems and processes across the business and its all in an instant.

Oh, and it’s good for the environment too.

Read about how we’re managing this on site here.