Preventative Maintenance Programme

BN have proudly serviced some of our valued clients across Melbourne by providing bespoke preventative maintenance programmes for new builds.

BN have expanded and are now able to offer a bespoke PMP service for existing builds as well as new builds. This service ranges from a 24 call out for commercial electrical faults to routine maintenance, ensuring you won’t need to meet us after midnight….

We pride ourselves in customer service so all maintenance programmes are customisable to ensure your unique operations run smoothly and potential threats to down-time are prevented.

Commencing with an audit of electrical installations and assets, following with an in-depth analysis of operational procedures and current usage, we can look at cost savings and implementing energy usage efficiencies. You will have a single point of contact in the BN team and an established service plan, promoting environmentally sustainable solutions, methods to reduce costs, and risk mitigation will all be administered for you, in conjunction with your facilities manager.

Don’t put your operations, safety or cashflow at risk by not having your expensive assets well-maintained; let us manage any safety concerns for you as well as improve asset longevity and reliability.

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