BN is committed to a safeguarding a safe and healthy working environment that allows all stakeholders to work without harm.

This is achieved through the following actions:

  • WorkSafe compliant company-wide policies and safety systems that are regularly updated and communicated. Starting with a company induction, all HSEQ Policies, SWMS and OHS systems are made readily available at all times via initial company induction, access via the website and uploaded to PlanGrid for each site.
  • Employees and sub-contractors are fully engaged and participate in regular focus groups, toolbox meetings and training sessions to ensure continuous improvement.
  • BN’s experienced project delivery team is able to identify and rectify any potential unsafe working conditions, with a strong focus on harm prevention.
  • BN is a company that fosters innovation; constantly engaging with industry leaders with a view to seek ways to monitor and improve upon safety measures that ensure the best conditions for employees and clients.


BN Electrical Safety