BN is committed to delivering environmental, social and economic value for our clients and those impacted by our operations.

We are constantly looking for ways on which we can minimise our environmental impact and it doesn’t stop with us. BN can work with you to provide more practical energy and electrical waste management solutions, reducing your footprint as well as your costs.

Committing to #paperless, BN have already seen the massive positive impact even small acts of a sustainability can achieve so we are all committed to further efficiencies and waste prevention… in the office and on site.

It’s not always easy to adapt to more energy efficient solutions in a built environment so let’s start with a conversation; What do you want to achieve and how can BN make that happen?


  • Energy usage audit – Identify and quantify costs and possible reduction opportunities
  • Electrical installation diagnostics
  • Assess and advise on applicable rebates and funding opportunities
  • Develop energy efficiency and waste management strategies
  • Preventative maintenance and on-going sustainability support to Property & Facilities Management teams